My Tribute

Dear Mom & Dad,

The week of February 27-March 6, 2009 is a special week in my life because it is the birthday week for both of you: Mom, your birthday is February 27 and Dad, your birthday is March 6. Every year at this time I recall fond family memories. How you lived your lives, how you took care of us and how others saw you in our small community.

Thank you for loving me, for doing all you could for the family and for our community. Thank you for sharing your understanding of God with us; for praying for us; and for denying yourselves for us.

I remember your tears–tears, when we did wrong; tears when we did not agree with the house rules and tears when it was “our time” to leave the family nest.

I remember your smiles and your laughter when we were able to recite those bible verses and lines for the Christmas play or to read that long scripture without a stutter. I remember the pleasure you displayed when we learned to swim like fish and fight that fight like “Cassius Clay.” Even though this may be disputed, I remember your support even in the midst of our failures.

I know you are in HEAVEN now. I know this because I saw you both through my angel’s eyes. I saw you dad flirting with mom on the day she left us. I noticed your strong shoulders in your uniform: so young, so happy, and so vibrant. And mom I hardly recognized you—so young, so sexy and gorgeous. You were in your prime, walking together hand in hand by a small pond in a beautiful park.

Dad, I heard you ask Mom, “What took you so long.” Yes, it did seem like a long time between your leaving in 1986 and Mom joining you 1998.

You are together now in HEAVEN, enjoying each other’s company in the presence of the Glory of God. Always the good parents, you continue to pray for your children. I feel your prayers, as we endure life’s trials. I want to thank you for your prayers and wish you Happy Birthday Mom and Dad. Love endures, keep smiling, keep praying and in God’s time, we will all be together again.

Your son,


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5 Responses to My Tribute

  1. Betsy Mazzone says:

    Dear Tony,

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom and Dad.

    It made me think of my parents, both gone now. I have a particular fond memory of my parents. We had gone to a community party. The music started and Mom and Dad were dancing the dance of their youth. They looked so happy and alive and you could see on their faces that they were back to their courtship days.

    Mom long gone, left Dad to fend in this world with out her. In his last days he suffered the effects of a stroke that robbed him of his mobility. When he finally went on to be with Mom I see two things. One, the music “Dance with me Jesus” playing and my Dad dancing to worship the Christ and my Mom and Dad, once again dancing, happy together, the dance of their courtship.

    Memories are so precious. I am so glad you have so many fond ones.

  2. Tony Crisp says:

    Betsy, thanks for the comment. I remember when your mother passed. It was very hard on you. It’s wonderful when we have the fond memories of our parents and other loved ones. Thanks again for your support.

  3. Michael Clark says:

    Tony what can one say except simply outstanding, Aunt Dorthy and Uncle Dennis where all that you stated and more because they did impact our small community is such a mighty and blessed way! We miss them, and we know as you, that they are now with the Most High and in His care and their work continues. So until we are there with them with thank the Lord for having them with us always.

    Michael C.

  4. Carol Bland says:

    Tony, reading your post today makes me so thankful that my Mom is still here! I thank God every day for her and the love she continues to give to me. Thanks for caring and loving memories .

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