Wind and Spirit

“The wind blows where it will, and thou hearest its voice, but knowest not whence it comes and where it goes: thus is every one that is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8, Darby Bible).Often I feel the Spirit as a gentle comforting breeze reminding me that God loves me and is present in my life.

I have also experienced the hurricane; God’s strongest wind—nothing to be afraid of; but something to contemplate. Often I have no clue as to why. “What is it that you want me to pay attention to God?”

I will reflect for days. Have I done something wrong? Are you prepping me for spiritual battle? It is often neither; it is my spirit being overwhelmingly grateful to a loving God.

God’s wind, rather faint, gentle, stormy or forceful as a hurricane, is a mystery. Today it is a faint breeze.

How do I interpret this faint breeze today?

God wants me to have a new understanding of who He is. He is not the God of my youth. Where every prayer would be answered and every circumstance resolved the way I had expected and yes hoped. Today I listen to God in a new way, to put my faith into action as never before; remembering what I learned in my youth, yet acting as the mature adult that God expects me to be. That mature adult who will trust God whatever the outcome – to be faithful, whatever the outcome.

It’s my trust and belief that I can do all things through the God’s Spirit which lives within me and that strengthens me; even when I am not as faithful as I might be.

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