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It’s Never Too Late

Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”
John 6:27 NIV

Doing God’s work is not easy. In fact, many are not sure that the work they are doing is the work God has called them to do. If what you do builds people up and motivates others to do good, you can trust that you are doing God’s will — even when God is silent.

When God is silent, you must persevere. I say to you be attentive, be hopeful. Listen with your spiritual ear and observe with your spiritual eyes. Trust your intuition and know that in due season your work will be acknowledged and confirmed by God himself.

Many great leaders, both spiritual and secular, are often not called to act or realize their dreams until late in life. A few come to mind: Abraham and Sarah, Moses, Nelson Mandela, Madeline Albright, Grandma Moses. I am sure you can name a few more. In fact, consider the oaks in the accompanying photograph. How many years did it takes for them to become mighty oaks?

What nourishments have you been called to create? Do you believe it is of God; if so, what is holding you back?,” In her book The Path, Laurie Beth Jones talks about “pitfalls and potholes” that have kept people for realizing their dreams. What are your pitfalls and potholes: feelings of inadequacy, accusations of others, small mindedness, fear, impatience, apathy or just old fashion procrastination and distractions?

Search the great minds of others and learned how they overcame their “pitfalls and potholes” to live out their dreams and accomplish their life missions.

We would love to hear about your dreams; better yet, we would love to hear how you overcame the “pitfalls and potholes” in life to make your dream, your life mission or God’s will for your life become a reality.

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