The Jarring Voices

God, I don’t understand. I read the “Word” and I am filled with awe and hopeful expectations. At other times, I read the “Word” and I tremble with fear and condemnation. Sometimes God the “Word” gets cloudy because so many claim to have the authority to speak on your behalf.

I hear the voices of an angry and judgmental God. This voice often comes through the jarring noise of the very conservative “religious rights” who are more interested in maintaining the status quo and looking out for “self” than bringing your salvation to this world. However, it is very unsettling and hurtful when I hear this same voice coming from people I love and respect. God I ask for your intervention.

It is a good thing that I also hear the voice of a merciful, loving and forgiving God; a voice I love and the one voice that keeps me humble. This is the voice I want to serve and the voice that I choose to follow. Unfortunately, this voice is not often shouted from the roof tops; nor seldom heard from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. God I ask for your intervention.

Finally, I hear the radical, fiery, compassionate voice of God; the one that screams out to take care of the one less fortunate. The one that calls out for justice; the one that reminds me I have a duty to serve. The voice that Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Troy Perry, my uncle Cornel and others have heard and for whom they willingly became “Drum Majors for Justice.” God I ask for your intervention.

God, I pray that you help me discern your true voice; the voice that has a calling on my life; the one that will truly motivate me to do your will despite life obstacles and the many jarring voices of this world. God, I ask for your intervention. Amen

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