Meditative Prayers to Our Merciful God

God you are so wise. You alone know the future. You have the world to worry about, but you still take time to hear from your humble servant. It is a good future for your humble servant. God I praise you. I thank you God for being wise; for being omniscient; for being omnipotent and for your willingness to take the time to listen to the concerns of your humble servant. Amen.

God you are so mighty, full of wisdom and mercy. But, yet I am frightened. I am frightened because I don’t feel worthy. I can never be the person you have called me to be. But then I am reminded of Jesus and I realize through Jesus Christ, I am worthy. I can be that person you have called me to be because of Jesus. Thank you, amen and amen.

God, sometimes it is a little frightening and yes difficult to be faithful. We are taught to trust you, to be faithful. Frankly, God your ways don’t seem possible. Your ways seem strange. But time and time again (sometimes many, many years later), your ways have proven to be right. Remind us again, when we doubt your ways, the many miracles we are privileged to experience when we are faithful and are willing to follow your directions. Amen

Oh, God even in the midst of our misery or our happiness, we cannot forget you. God, you are our sustainer, our redeemer. You get us up in the morning and you give us the ability to provide for ourselves. Before we were born you knew us and you promised to be with us even in death. Oh God, we praise you for your goodness, your willingness to love us and to be with us always alive or in our grave. Amen.


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