God Gives The Assignment

I am currently reading Henry & Richard Blackaby’s book entitled “Spiritual Leadership.” The subheading “God Gives the Assignment” touched my heart deeply. In this section, Henry and Richard Blackaby write that people “will not become spiritual leaders unless God calls them to this role and equips them for it….Spiritual leadership…is not a role for which one applies….Rather, it is assigned by God” (p.46).

They later write that “people may apply for various leadership positions, but God is the one who ultimately determines with leadership roles they will have” (p.55).

How many leadership roles have you applied for in your lifetime. I know; you didn’t get that dream job. The one you were sure that God wanted you to have. Or you did get “your dream job” but somehow it was not the right fit or maybe it was, but just for a season. God has that special assignment for you. Faithfully, I wait for the next assignment that God has for me.  Let’s pray.
God, I know there’s something else. My heart aches for such an assignment. I know your ways are not our ways. Help me to be patient, to have a willingness to learn, to build character, to gain the confidence and above all else, to be willing to take on the next assignment, large or small, in ways that touch hearts and minds to do your will on this earth. Amen.

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3 Responses to God Gives The Assignment

  1. Sheila Trapp says:

    That really touched me…You are right Tony, God does give the assignment and I believe that is beyond what we can imagine as well. I believe he has chosen all of us to lead in some way, but what we are to lead in is all up to Him. I know for me, once I allowed Him to lead me, I am doing things that I never even dreamed. I am finishing my first book, going for that D.Min and looking forward to whatever else He has in store for me…Letting Him have his way is uncomfortable at times and to whom much is given much is required for sure, but what I am finding out the most is that I must give myself fully to God and His people to see my true paths. I had to let go of self and even though I am still in that process—I am in awe of what He has revealed to me thus far…

    God Bless you and your journey Tony—you have been a true blessing and obedient to God in you leadership with me…you showed me that Spiritual Leadership is possible…Thank you for your obedience in helping to build Gods leader in me.


    • Upward Edge says:

      Sheila, again thank you for your comments. When I hear from you I know this is a special ministry God has called me to do. I wish you much luck on your book and your future ministries. I want to be one of the firsts to receive your book. Tony

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