Welcome to UPWARD EDGE, a consultation and mentoring service for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We offer you a unique perspective on leadership. Our goal is to offer new insights about service, about transformation, about motivating men and women to become transforming servant leaders.

 Our Definition:

Leadership is more than mouthy words, showy ceremonies or something you hope to do someday.

Leadership is doing something now. Leadership is doing something your brain says is risky, but your heart says do it anyway. Leadership is doing what is right even at the cost of losing relationships and possibly your livelihood.

Leadership is reflecting moral values and ethics. Leadership works to liberate the oppressed and to provide resources for the poor.

Leadership is action that is foundational, visible, transforming and life changing. Leadership has expectations and aspirations for real change. Real change can only come through practicing and living out what is in your heart and in your soul.

Leadership is unlimited when you believe in something bigger than yourself.   

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