“I have had the privilege of working with Tony Crisp on various Community and Church Boards and other leadership councils for almost twenty years.   Tony’s passion to help others grow into better leaders is surpassed only by his devotion and service to his God.

I have experienced first-hand his ability to lead organizations of 150 plus people.   I have attended his thought provoking, well planned and detailed leadership training workshops, which will change the way you think about leadership as a whole.

You will be amazed with how much you will learn from just one of Tony’s workshops.  He will walk with you through the process, help you get past those hurdles you experience, and move you on your way to an improved style of leadership.”

Dale Brown, former board member, New Life MCC, Norfolk, VA


“…Tony is gregarious and inspirational. He is experienced and he is qualified. He is a teacher and yet still teachable. He is a speaker and yet a great listener…. I would highly recommend reading his blogs, attending his workshops and finding help at Upward Edge. Your life will improve, guaranteed. May his life inspire you as he has inspired mine. May his help provide you as much hope as his help has given me.”

Rev. Terri S. Steed, Senior Pastor Metropolitan Community Church of Charleston


 “Tony is an amalgamation of factual, spiritual and down-to-earth personas. Tony believes that one must always look within, to bring out, the best qualities, and only then, can you truly share them. I learned that this applies to yourself, your company and your clients. He embraces “Upward Edge”, to immerse you into a synergy of passions, knowledge and motivation. As a principal in a Tax and Accounting firm, Tony has enabled me to intertwine my unique fervor with proven management tips and techniques, “like embracing the customer into all that I do”, to ensure that I now have the cutting edge advantage to move to the head of my competitors.”

Marc Eugene Anderson, President, FYI Tax and Accounting Services LLC


“I have known Tony Crisp for more than a decade and I have had opportunities to observe his leadership abilities; first, as director of a large city agency and second, as one of the church leaders…. Mr. Crisp is always prepared, a critical and creative thinker, precise, has excellent listening, communication, verbal skills and above all, accomplishes group goals in a practical and coherent manner.”

Minnie M. Whitehead, MSW, LCSW, CSC, Portsmouth, Virginia


“Tony Crisp has been a friend, mentor and leader in my life for over eight years. In that time, he has consistently exhibited the traits of an exemplary leader (Kouzes & Posner). More importantly, he has exhibited the character of a man who is not afraid to lead from within— with a conscience—as a servant. Servant leadership is an important concept of leadership involving the highest crowning of righteousness—humility and obedience. Tony has shown me this excellent way of leading. I am a witness that he can train good leaders to be better leaders. With tools that inspire others for greatness and increase leadership performance, Tony can change the world, one leader at a time. He helped change me…”

Sheila Renae Trapp, Owner, S. Renae Consultant Group (


“As the former Chairman of the Greater Hampton Roads HIV/AIDS Health Services Planning Council, it was my pleasure and honor to have served with Anthony Crisp in that federally funded (Ryan White Act) organization which provided health and supportive services to individuals in the Hampton Roads area who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Mr. Crisp was the Chairman of the Priorities and Allocations Committee and brought his expertise in management…to that committee.

The Priorities and Allocations Committee was the most difficult of all the committees on which to serve…I constantly heard from members of the committee and the community at large that Mr. Crisp was knowledgeable about the process and gave fair consideration to all the proposals submitted to his committee.  Throughout my association with Mr. Crisp, I was constantly impressed with his competency, managerial ability, professional knowledge…and could depend upon his unwavering support of the program and his devotion to those to whom he was appointed to serve.”

Albert Duseault, Jr., Former Chairman, Greater Hampton Roads HIV/AIDS Health Services Planning Council


“Jim (Whalen) is an excellent presenter and combines his deep knowledge and intelligence with a clear and well organized speaking style.”

Stan C. Kimer, president North Carolina Council of Churches; president, Total Engagement Consulting

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