About Upward Edge

Although many people are called to lead or have been promoted to positions of leadership, they may lack the necessary skills and managerial expertise to succeed. Upward Edge was created to equip individuals, organizations, and businesses with the skill sets necessary to meet today’s leadership challenges. Our consultants are experienced trainers, speakers and managers who will listen to your needs and can provide customize training, technical assistance and ongoing mentoring services for you and your organization.

Upward Edge offers a unique precept which dovetails spiritual leadership principles with today’s business leadership concepts. From this dynamic combination, we create individualized programs that provide you and your organization an UPWARD EDGE.

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of UPWARD EDGE is to build better leaders. We build better leaders by offering consultation and mentoring services to businesses, organizations and individuals. We believe:

  • Leadership is a learned skill; therefore, we offer leadership training. However, to be successful in today’s world, a leader must also possess managerial expertise. Our training offers a combination of leadership skill and management techniques.
  • Leadership environments grow leaders. However, in many organization people are not given the opportunity to lead. We define “leadership environment” and explore various approaches to make it work for you.
  • People don’t lead because they are “burned out” or have been “burned.” UPWARD EDGE provides a retreat environment and respite to re-energize the leader’s spirit and rekindle the leader’s passion and desire to lead.
  • Biblical and spiritual stories offer credible and viable examples of great leaders who lead through integrity. The leadership principles used by those leaders are examined in combination with the leadership concepts.used in today’s business world. 

Upward Edge Provides

  • Leadership training and development for businesses, organizations, and groups.
  • One on one mentoring and coaching service.
  • Presentations on leadership and management for businesses and organizations.
  • Management consultation for organizations and task-oriented groups.
  • Motivational seminars to improve morale and/or re-engage the leader to his or her calling.

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