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More Leadership Tidbits

• Be confident. See the potential in yourself; others see it.

• What’s your leadership brand—problem solver, visionary, analytical/detail-oriented, etc.

• Find a mentor to help your branding and to boost your confidence.

• Attitude is everything. You must believe in what you are doing.

• Find time to stay informed (study, read, discuss and exchange ideas, etc) about your “product.”

• Don’t send out mixed messages—doing what is popular versus what is right or acting out on impulses.

• Be true to who you are. Integrity is everything.

• Seek out opportunities to learn, to teach and to lead

• Seek excellence in all that you do. This requires a commitment to hard work, a spirit of adventure, having an upbeat, expectant attitude and Christian Love (Presentation from Rev. Arlene Ackerman, 4/24/2005). Finally,

• Seek to be a role model. Many run away from that job now, especially athletes, but I think it critical to be a role model for our youth, for our peers and especially for those we supervise in our jobs and those we lead in other areas of our lives.

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Leadership Tidbits

In the post entitled “Realizing Our Leadership Potentials” (January 31, 2010), I talked about John Maxwell’s premise that leadership is a journey and it is a “journey that starts where you are not where you want to be” (The 360 Degree Leader, 2005, p.274). That got me thinking so I would like to share some leadership tidbits with you. You have heard them before (thanks Rev. Maxwell), but it is always good to be reminded.

Before you do great things elsewhere, you must do it where you sit:

• Do your homework;

• Take the time to do great work; don’t feel like you have to rush a job;

• Take your own minutes after each meetings; noting action steps and key points;

• Speak out and do it boldly if you disagree with a proposed action. Take the risks, so you can live with yourself;

• Do the right thing, not the safe thing;

• Speak from your passion; not what you think others want to hear;

• Don’t be shy about what you believe in or what you do. We don’t need clones in our workplaces;

• Learn to say NO; only do what you can reasonably do successfully and lastly,

• Be the person, you believe God intended for you to be.

Good luck, we are all counting on you.

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Notes To Readers

Hello readers and faithful followers I need your help on a future leadership topic I would like to write about. The title of the article would be “The Downside of Leadership.” We often glorify the leader, but rarely talk about the potential risks of leadership.

I would value hearing your experiences or the experiences of others about the downside of leadership. Please share your experience in the comment section of this post or if you desire a private response click on the envelope next to the word comment. Please send your response no later than May 31st. Thank you.

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