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Leaders In Today’s World

Upward EdgeWhat does it take to be a leader in today’s world? I believe it is the ability to see new things and to articulate that vision in a new way. It is the ability and willingness to take people in new directions.

You can be that leader. It takes vision, courage and having the right words to encourage and to persuade. It takes the ability to recognize your assets and the willingness to put your assets to the test. It is the willingness to fail and to allow others to fail. Finally, it is believing in yourself and your willingness to risk for a greater cause.

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Our Work Never Ceases

God, I am thinking about “retirement.” I am ready to hear “well done my son.” But what I sense from you is my job is not done. I have more to do.

What might that be Lord? What are the costs, the sacrifices? God I am not sure I am ready for more work and sacrifice. I want to rest. I am tired. Okay, if I need to go on; here’s what I need from you.

Help me to get it right this time. Communicate to me clearly; assure me the voice I hear is yours. I speak not only for me, but for the “all of us” that listen for your voice.

Help us to hear your call. Comfort us as we come to understand that what we do for you will never cease; that we are to labor in the vineyard as long as we are breathing.

So God encourage me daily. Send me reminders often of your love. And if you must, gently discipline me when I falter or resist your will. Show me what you would have me do; for “all of us” to do.

We all have a role to play. Let me and all your children not neglect our job. Give us strong shoulders for those who come after us to stand on as we (each generation) continue transforming the world.

1. Have you ever thought what you might do when you retire?
2. Even in retirement, God preps us for the next venture. What venture might that be for you?

Dear God, help us to stay awake, pay attention and to listen to our hearts and soul as we wait for our new venture to serve you and humankind in a new and exciting way. Amen.

The painting is the work of Jim Whalen

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