Everything must change, but some things never change. Is it my fault that I have not changed? Is it my fault that I still make the same mistakes? Have I not prayed hard enough? Believed in my prayers or not been faithful enough?Do I not see change because I don’t do the work of change? God help me and others who resist changes. We, who talk a good game; who demand others to change and even force others to change because we have the authority to place that burden on others; but, at the same time, don’t change ourselves.

What is the change that I am looking for—more peace, more comfort, more money or all the above?

What about the change for social justice? What about the change to make the world better; the hard work to bring healing to the sick, food to the hungry and housing to the poor? Do I have that in me anymore? God, I am old and tired; I don’t know if I have it in me anymore. Help me; Help me help the world to change. Amen

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