Booster Shot: Lead Yourself First

Lately, I have not been true to my blog postings; especially, the one posted on January 21, 2009 entitled “Lead Yourself.” The 7 principles are found in John Maxwell’s book “The 360 Degree Leader.”

As my workload grew in recent weeks, I did not proactively manage my time and priorities and the results led to a behavior that I am not proud of. I had an outburst with an employee today and others witnessed this behavior.

John Maxwell stated that if we desire to lead up, we must lead ourselves first and the first principle in leading ourselves is to manage our emotions. I was unabled to manage my emotions. No one “wants to spend time around an emotional time bomb…” “Good leaders know when to display emotions and when to delay them.” Well, I must say my timing was off.

The good news is that I apologized to the person that I had the “outburst” with; however, others who were in the room during the outburst were not privy to the apology. My job now is to make sure that my outburst did not affect that person and others who witnessed my behavior negatively.

I plan to review the January 21, 2009 blog again and I invite you to review it as well. Reminders are good.

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  1. Sheila T. says:

    This is something you know I work on daily. Now that I am in a Director position, I feel more stressed and things get crazy. Managing my emotions is something I struggle with. I am having some issues in my current position because I feel in the middle…take care of my managers, but I must also team with senior leadership for the betterment of the organization…its tough. Thanks for this blog…needed this tonight.

    • Upward Edge says:

      You will work through it. Try to look at all side; but remember the bottom line is your customers. What's best for them. Finding that quiet time to reflect can help. Thanks for commenting.

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