1 Year Anniversary

Today marks 1 year since I have started this blog. This blog has taken a different direction than I anticipated. In my January 8, 2009 blog, I stated that I wanted to bring “New Thoughts about Leadership.” I hope I have done that for you. I hope I have opened eyes in a new way. What surprised me, however, is that my new thoughts on leadership focused on my own journey with God; a journey of faith exploration and spiritual leadership. As a result of this 1 year journey, I have decided to start a new blog entitled “Faithscape” to further explore my faith journey, without confusing those seeking information on leadership (via Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) to find something entirely different.

However, to my faithful readers/followers, you can still follow me on “Upward Edge” and on my new blog site “Faithscape” to see how one’s faith journey is intertwined to servant leadership and the transformation of lives. You can find my new blog at www.faithscape.net or going to my favorite links to your bottom right.

I will continue “Upward Edge” with its focus on leadership principles and today’s business leadership concepts and less about my personal spiritual journey. However, the bottom line, I want to teach, I want to inspire and lead people to fulfill their leadership passions whether it is in their faith community or in their secular organizations. My wish, my hope today as it was in 2009 “is to re-create, to bring new thoughts to old sayings and beliefs; to write about leadership, in particular, “transforming servant” leadership in a new and different way” (Upward Edge, January 8, 2009).

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  1. Sheila says:

    Wow…isn't it just like God to take you on a journey in which you set out to help others (which you have) and in return find more of your authentic self…Now that is beautiful…God does not do things the way we do them does he. He asks us to seek Him and trust Him without seeking understanding and then He reveals Himself to us in a whole new way…

    I am excited for you Tony. I am on a similar journey so I will follow you to the other site and keep this one close as well..

    Again thanks for your obedience. Many are called, but few are chosen…You are stepping up to heed His call, taking your rightful place at this time in your life which is in the center of His will…God Bless.

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